Chimney Cap Installation

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Chimney Cap Installation

Chimney Cap Installation

Using Gelco Ultra-Protection Chimney Caps

Installing a chimney cap offers the best protection against moisture, leaves, debris, insects, birds, and animals from entering your chimney. We install high-quality stainless steel chimney caps in a variety of standard sizes. Our stainless steel chimney caps carry a lifetime warranty. We also offer custom chimney caps in other finishes or for non-standard sizes.
Why A Chimney Cap Is So Important
A chimmey cap (sometimes called a rain guard or spark arrestor) is important for several reasons:
  • Keeps out rain, snow and sleet
  • Keeps out animals and birds
  • Keeps out leaves, twigs and other debris which could lead to a blockage or chimney fire
  • Keeps sparks from leaving the chimney and igniting nearby combustibles
  • Helps eliminate wind induced downdrafts